Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Baby's crib notes #1

Hey kid. You're reading this now because you can, well, read. So every so often I'm going to post something so you can figure out your dad a little bit. I'll call them crib notes, which basically is your first lesson: dad likes puns.

So, a story. Your mom and I wanted to get a nice glider rocking chair for your nursery. You'll love it, mostly because you can feel secure and sleep. Also because mom and dad will be able to rock you effortlessly in our vain attempt to rest somewhat. So, yeah, when I say you'll love it I meant that your parents will love it.

Anywho, a while back we decided on the model we wanted and started looking around at pricing. Decided that BabiesRUs (which is like, literally, the Hotel California of baby shopping ... you won't get that now but pretty soon we'll introduce you to The Eagles, oh yes we will) had the best price.

So I go online to buy. Free shipping! Awesome! But oh wait, when BRU said free shipping they meant "up to $20 but we thought the bright red blinky text would fool you." Really shipping was $97 minus that $20 freebie. So an extra $70 just to get the thing. Rockin'.

Well I didn't like that, so I looked at store delivery options. Yes I could pick it up in the store if they had it. Our local store didn't have it. No store within 50 miles had it. So I started entering zip codes for major cities around here: Scranton, Philly, Newark (shudder), Trenton and found a store about 65 miles from here.

Did the math. 3 hours round trip, about $10 in gas. We'd save about $55 by picking it up in person

So did we go pick it up in person or pay the $55 to have it sent to our doorstep? Here's the lesson: dad loves a deal. It's probably how you'll go to college so get used to it. And he really loves to save a lot of bucks when he can put in a little more effort.

So yeah, I drove 130 miles to save $55.

But there's other good news. That $55 was paid forward because I picked some super cute outfits out while we were there. Like these:

They came on clearance, of course. Dad loves a deal. Don't forget that.

Yep. #dadrocks .... (we'll teach you about hashtags later).


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