Saturday, June 18, 2011

House becomes a home

We purchased our house a couple of years ago, basically moving in the week before I started my work at Lehigh. It has taken us a LONG time to get this thing to where we want it. The house was in pretty great shape when we moved in, but we basically have repainted the place and the nursery was the final room in the house.

We just finished that last task a couple weeks ago, so we're taking time to get the nursery shaped up before the baby arrives in about 10 weeks.

When we bought the place, we felt like we were overbuying a bit. The house has four bedrooms and two full bathrooms, which is quite a bit of space for two working people. The other thing that was attractive was the huge, and I mean huge, side yard that slopes down to the corner. We didn't use it as much in the first year, but I always envisioned it as the place for a kid to run around. I mean, the gentle slope alone makes it perfect for a slip-and-slide.

This place has been home for us, but with a baby coming I feel like it feels even more so. I'm seeing our home through new eyes:
  • Big back yard for a kid to play in during the summer. It's about a third of a football field, and full fenced, so they have a safe space to run around.
  • Trees in the front and back, both a maple and an English walnut. Trees are such great ways for kids to learn about the world because they are part of natural environmental processes.
  • Our secret passage. Yes, we have one in our house.
  • Great view of the fireworks from our back porch. Kids still love fireworks, right?
  • Bay window that looks out onto the street. I love watching the snow fall from this perch, and I can envision our little one peering out over the ledge watching the flakes falling down.
  • Short walk to some fun stuff. The Cup is just around the corner, as is Vegan Treats (for now). We're a few blocks from Martelluci's Pizza.
  • Our patio setup. We have a table and chairs and a grill. I grew up in a small house with a tiny backyard and we never got a chance to just sit and watch the sun go down while the grill was wafting great smells our way. Or the kid can just run around while we cook.
We've enjoyed a lot of things about the house (yes, even the secret passageway). It will be great to share this with the kid too.


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  1. Never under estimate the power of a slope to bring grass satin removal secrets into your life. It also makes a great space for early sledding. Which you may find a blast with little ones-even as soon as they learn to sit up on their own.

    Don't forget to have a place for a sand box and a big mud puddle. Messy kids = happy kids.

  2. I hadn't thought about sledding. That's a great idea. We do need to do a bit with the back to make more of a play area for the kid, but that will come in time.

  3. Are the trees climbable? If so, you've given your kid(s) one of the coolest hang-out-and-think places in the world.

  4. The one in the front yard can be climbed with a little help. Whether mom approves is another story. I think the English Walnut in the back would actually be a great place for a treehouse.