Friday, June 24, 2011

My new office

I used to have a big office. Now it's a nursery.

Before this goes the pity-party route, I should say that the office was always in disarray. When we moved in I put my desk, files, and work stuff there. Even had a TV with satellite reception. But as we started to paint the house, the ample closet space in the office was a great place to put stuff, and then more stuff, and then pretty soon it was hard to walk around there.

The baby was the perfect kick in the butt to finish that room. By the New Year, we'd painted and finished every other room in the house. Honestly, we probably wouldn't have pushed had we not needed the room. But we did, so this spring I started the process of tossing what we didn't need and getting my stuff moved.

To the basement? No, not yet (I have mancave plans for the future, mark my words). We had taken our large upstairs bedroom and turned it into my wife's office with a futon and practice area for her viola. What I did was carve out a little area in the dormer area. Witness:

Cozy, eh? Sometimes I'm shocked I fit it all in there, but I did slim down a lot of stuff. I finally got around to filing things correctly (for example, tax returns from 1998-2010 are not haphazardly thrown into the same folder anymore). I have become a Craigslist superstar, selling a bunch of unused tech items to raise money for things like cribs, strollers, and the like. Do you have any idea what a 1st-generation iPod touch goes for? It's sort of insane.

The upshot is my wife and I are sharing a big space for our work area. We'll see how this goes, but so far it's been fine. I'll gladly sacrifice too because the nursery is going to be awesome. Can't post those pics until it's done though.


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