Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fun things about pregnancy

My wife just finished her 30th week today. Only 7 more weeks until the baby is considered full term, although we add another 3 to get the due date of September 1. But I look around the house and the things we're adding to the nursery almost every day and it is constantly hitting me: there's gonna be a baby in the crib in a few months.

Pregnancies generally last 40 weeks or so That's a small slice of time compared to the amount of time the kid will be alive. It really goes fast too. We found out we were having a baby right after New Year's, but time flies. I'm sure it will be easy to forget all of the great things about pregnancy that we don't experience when the kid is born, so I wanted to list a few things that are fun for this dad.

1. The kicking. It's so hard to describe how cool it is to place my hand on my wife's stomach and feel the baby kicking. A couple times I've leaned in to talk to the baby and felt kicks on my face. It's so cool.

2. Focus. So much of what I do around the house now has purpose. With the baby coming, it's given me a kick in the rear to get things done now to prepare for the baby's arrival. Some are projects that directly relate, but others are just about making the home nice for the kid for when they start to grow.

3. My wife. She gets more beautiful every day. I love the pregnancy glow and she is such a beautiful mother-to-be. I can see how excited she is too and how meaningful it is for her to have a connection to the baby growing inside her.

4. Expectation. Waiting is hard! I am trying to cherish the time, but I really want to meet our child too. But it's a fun kind of buildup. My wife jokes that I'm the one who's nesting (it's allegedly a sign that the baby is coming soon) because I've been all business trying to get the nursery done, doing research on needed baby stuff, and so forth.

5. Shopping. I really have enjoyed all the shopping. I like shopping for baby clothes. I found out I am awesome at helping pick out maternity clothes. I like doing the deep research on safety items. Here's the thing: I hate shopping, but for some reason I've enjoyed it when it comes to baby stuff. I want to make sure I'm doing a thorough job.

6. The ultrasound. My God it was amazing. When we did the confirmatory ultrasound the baby was about 10 weeks. The thing wasn't even baby shaped but it was active and darting around. You could tell it was alive. The 20-week ultrasound was more incredible. We saw arms, hands, feet, legs, bones. The tech measured the leg and said it was "really long" (runs in the family, naturally). When we saw the 3D images it was just incredible. It's hard to describe the emotion that came over me when I was looking at the images on screen, but it was hard not to get a little teary-eyed.

7. The day we found out. I remember the date and the message. It was the morning of January 7, and it was snowing. I got the text that ended with: "Oh, and I'm preggers(!)" I was at a doctor's appointment a few miles away while she was at one of her own. I remember driving to go pick her up and I walked inside to meet her at the curb. We hugged for a while. It was stunning, overwhelming, awesome. We didn't know if this was going to happen given that we were starting this thing a bit late. So we did what all happy romantic couples do when they find out news like this: we went to Denny's for breakfast. No lie. It was surreal but awesome.

8. Learning. I have enjoyed the learning process. Some of the iOS apps I blogged about yesterday offered daily information about how the baby was growing. Every week it would estimate size based on something discernable like a food item. Yes it's weird to see your baby described as a banana, but it was fun. The apps also tell you about the development changes, what is forming at the time, and so forth. I can't see it happening, but I've been following along.

9. Dreaming. It shouldn't shock you I'm a dreamer, but I do get caught up imagining doing fun things with the kid. Teaching them about how trees grow or letting them experience the first snowfall. The world was magic to me as a kid but I was a sponge of a learner. I imagine all kinds of things I want the kid to experience and learn about.

10. Surprises. We turned our heads at the ultrasound when they looked at the sex. We have no idea if it's a boy or a girl. It doesn't matter to me, but it's going to be a fun surprise. Son or daughter, I'm going to be a lucky dad. That's all that matters. Also, I'm enjoying how our peace about not knowing drives some people crazy. There are so few surprises in this world due to technology and we wanted to take some time to preserve what we can there.


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