Thursday, June 30, 2011

Weekend visitor

This weekend will be a lot of fun. My wife's sister is coming out for a few days to spend with us, and this is the first family we've been able to see since we found out we will be having a child.

As I've said before, being away from family adds another challenge to this parenting deal, but it's nice to be able to see people from our family as the due date nears. We're probably going to be grounded for at least the first 9 months after the baby is born, but we will be seeing some family nonetheless. We'll probably see my mother-in-law sometime after the kid is born, and my parents are coming out for Christmas.

We'll probably be limited in getting her sister to see much of Bethlehem because it's getting to be that uncomfortable stage of pregnancy and I don't want my wife having to strain herself just so we can go out. This visit is mostly for the sisters to get some time together anyhow.

Also, tomorrow we will be exactly two months away. Get exciiiiiiiited!


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