Saturday, July 30, 2011

Baby names

We've made a long list of things we need to get done before the baby comes. Some of it is little odds-and-ends stuff, and some of it is going to take more effort. Today we went through and ticked a few things off the list. The main progress, I think, is we finally settled on the plan for naming the baby.

This should come as no shock, but I set up a tech-driven process for us. I created a shared Google document spreadsheet and we had a period of 10 weeks where we added 5 first names we liked and 2 middle name suggestions. By the time we were done last month, we had each added 50 first names to the mix.

Eight of the names we had were shared, so we had 92 names. The thing we decided was that either of us could veto any name we didn't like, no questions asked. But having 8 shared names was a good start.

We added a few and then looked at what we liked. Tonight we pretty much finished the job, sort of. We have two boys names and a couple backups, plus three girls names and a couple backups. Remember we don't know if it's a girl or a boy, so we had to do it for both.

Why not just settle? We learned a lot in classes and in reading that sometimes people change their mind after the baby is born. Sometimes it just doesn't look like the name, so people change it. I think we've got one (two at most) for each gender that would be the favorite, but I wanted to have a couple extras in store that we both agree on just in case we have second thoughts.

Or maybe we might just go with what we have and that's that. It's hard to say, but we wanted to have some flexibility.

Boys names were a lot easier for us. We agreed more and we vetoed less. Girls names were tougher, mostly because I think we disagree on the split between old-fashioned names and modern names.

Names are an interesting process. They conjure up associations. There were a couple names Amy liked that made me cringe because they reminded me of people I dislike. Amy was the same way here and there. While some names have society-wide feelings attached to them (i.e. the name Clinton), most of them are just personal experience.

We also argued a bit about squatting on a middle name already used by one of my siblings. My brother and sister have 8 kids between them and Amy liked the middle name "Hope," but that is taken by my sister's youngest daughter. She thinks duplicating a middle name from one of their cousins is OK, just not a first name. But I didn't like the idea.

So what did we choose? You'll have to wait.


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  1. Erika and I came up with a ton of U2 related names last night for you - Joshua for a boy and Grace for a girl were the only normal ones on the list. We also thought that going with only a first name like Bono or Edge might work as well. We had way too much fun with this but realized that there are lots of names inspired by U2.