Monday, July 25, 2011

Doing the small things wrong

Tonight we had a little mini crisis going on. I set up the diaper pail and noticed that some of the tape that holds it together in shipping wasn't coming off well. Tried scrubbing it and it just made it more worse by adding the sponge color to the sticky stuff. No problem, just pulled out some Goo Gone to take the adhesive off and it was good as new because that stuff is really awesome for stuff like that.

My wife pointed out that maybe while I had it out I should try taking some of the tape adhesive off the windows (it's been there since the previous owners did it). I went back to the kitchen to put more Goo Gone on my paper towel, but instead of just loading it up and walking back and leaving it on the counter, I took it with me and put it on the window sill.

You probably know where this is going.

Two minutes later it was knocked over, spilling on the sill, the wall below, and the hardwood floor. I sprang into action but it was just everywhere. Some of the stuff got on the changing table, the chair, the newly painted walls. Just everywhere. I was racing to keep it from getting into the paint in hopes that I wouldn't strip that off, and I think I saved it. But I'm still washing the linens that got stained and they still have that orange smell.

This is typical of things that trip me up. My first instinct had been to leave it on the counter so I wouldn't have to deal with a spill, and soon I'm dealing with a spill. I hate when I'm right but still do the wrong thing.

Little things like that bug me. There are days I wonder how I'm going to get the big things right. My wife is patient with me and helpful, thankfully. She puts up with so much.

I'm feeling pressure today, about things I can control and things I can't. The things I can't control, basically so much of what's in the news these days, are bad enough. I feel like so much is at stake. But when I mess up things in my control, it feels like shirking duty.

I can do better. I should do better. Some days I worry my good intentions aren't enough.


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