Sunday, July 17, 2011

It's getting tougher

The final six weeks are on us in full force. My wife is feeling more aches and pains, having a harder time sleeping, and feeling warm a lot. This is pretty normal stuff, but there hasn't been a lot of pain to this point so this is fairly new for her.

The iPhone app tells me the baby is adding about a half a pound a week for the next month, so that's adding some weight. My wife also is gaining as her body prepares for what it will need to get this kid out. All of this means stretching, pulling, and reorganizing all of her internal organs. It sounds like no fun.

It's not helping that it's so warm outside. I've been venting outside air to get some of the fumes out of the basement from my painting, so the AC is escaping. I had a feeling this might happen, but it's not helping matters.

As a husband I feel like it's my job to make sure she's as comfortable as I can, and sometimes that means anticipating her needs. I didn't do a great job of that with the painting and fume venting. Generally I do OK but I still miss things; it's a good thing my wife is so forgiving.

This won't end with the birth, though. Right now I'm on the sidelines watching all of this but I've been thinking this whole time about how to be in the game a bit more when I am needed. I've made it a goal to carry as much of the load as I can in September while balancing my class schedule and grading. The first six weeks are going to be a blur for me, but I want to take as much pressure off my wife as I can while we try to get a routine down.


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  1. you are truly doing the right thing. Your child will know how to love by watching you two support each other through thick and thin.