Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Kicking up a storm

I noticed something new today. When my wife puts her hands on her belly she forms a heart with her hands. She's posing in the picture at the right, but even when she's just doing it unconsciously she strikes that pose.

It's pretty cute.

The baby has been kicking a ton lately. They told us we'd start feeling kicks in about week 22 but it took a lot longer for us to feel them because the placenta is in the front. I have to admit as it went on and we weren't feeling kicks I was a little nervous, but the checkups were OK so I tried to be patient.

About week 24 I felt my first kick. They were sparse at first, but the past two weeks the kid has been kicking like it was trying to punch a way out. At night when we're going to sleep the baby gets very active. I've gotten so I like to just sit and watch my wife's belly, knowing our baby is in there interacting with us.

Sometimes I like to put my face up against my wife's stomach and talk to the baby. Sometimes I get little kicks on the face in return. Even as I write this I'm watching parts of her stomach slowly prod outward as the baby slowly pushes a hand or foot against the womb. It's an incredible sight.

Protip, though: If your wife hasn't seen the movie Alien, best not show her the scene where the alien emerges from the astronaut's stomach while she is pregnant. Especially if you plan on referencing it later when the baby is pushing around. Trust me on this one.


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