Saturday, July 9, 2011

More difficulty

So far the pregnancy has been fairly stress free, and we are thankful for that. Other than some concern about a test result that turned out to be a false alarm, we haven't had much to worry about. My wife didn't get sick much in the early going and she wasn't feeling a lot of the soreness or other symptoms that come with a body that stretches to accommodate a baby.

Not to say there's no discomfort, but my wife has expressed a lot that she feels lucky that she's felt so good.

The past couple weeks have seen a little more ramping up of physical discomfort. She's definitely adding that pound per week that the doctors say comes at this time, and that has meant more back pain and other physical discomfort that makes it hard to find an easy way to sit or sleep.

Tonight we went for a walk and she was having to pause every so often. I'm learning to walk slower to let her do her own pace, which isn't natural to me because I'm tall and tend to stride with big steps. But I'm trying to be more mindful of physical discomfort she is or might be experiencing when we're doing little things.

I'm also becoming more of a dictator about her doing physical things. I'm telling her to let me carry her bag in and out of the house or to not push herself in myriad ways. It's her choice in the end, but I want to offer the counterweight just in case.

This is the best role I think I play in the pregnancy process. I'm there to make sure she's remembering snacks or water when she goes out, or being the one to make sure she's not pushing herself too hard. With less than eight weeks to go, it's about making sure we're keeping that baby in there before it's ready. And given how she is growing, that baby is raring to come out soon.


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