Wednesday, July 13, 2011

No concert for you!

So here's the deal, kid. In early 2010, basically a year before you were formed in the atom smasher known as my wife's uterus, I bought tickets to U2's July 2010 show in Philadelphia. Actually I also got tickets to see them in Oakland so I could go with my brother, but that didn't pan out.

Actually, neither show did. Bono went and hurt his back and the North American tour was put off for a year. The plan had always been to go with my wife, but then you came along and let's just say she wasn't jumping at the chance to start her 34th week of pregnancy at a rock concert in Philadelphia. That concert is happening tomorrow and I'll be attending instead with a friend.

I know. Bono? U2? Who are these people?

You'll learn. Your dad has sort of a mancrush on this Irish quartet, one that goes back to high school days. True story, snuck out to see the Zoo TV show in Oakland back in days when I was supposed to not be old enough to do stuff like that. For many reasons, including the fact I did a bad, bad thing, that remains one of the best concerts I've ever seen.

Tomorrow will be my 10th U2 show. I have something of a problem. The picture above was taken at the last one I attended, Boston 2009 on the first leg of the U2 360 tour. That's me about 20 feet from one of the moving ramps that connect the main stage to the outer circle. At one point the bridge moved to the point where Adam Clayton played bass for "Sunday Bloody Sunday" right above my head.

Anyhow, all this to say that you've heard some of their music in utero. You'll hear a lot more of it as you grow up. The Joshua Tree remains one of the finest albums ever made. If you ever want to understand the kinds of things that shaped your dad when he was growing up, just throw that thing on repeat.

U2 was an It band in an era that produced a lot of them. The world was different then, revolving around a music production process that tended to build bigger acts. You sort of married these supergroups for life. It's not like that anymore, really, or at least to the degree it once was. Maybe it'll get back to that by the time you're sneaking out of the house to catch a show, maybe it won't.

The great thing about U2 shows over the years is they line up some amazing supporting acts in their prime. I've seen Public Enemy, Rage Against The Machine, Oasis, No Doubt, Snow Patrol, and now Interpol among others all because they got 45 minutes to start the show. I'm still trying to bury the P.J. Harvey memories, but that's beside the point.

I hope you like these guys. I do listen to other music, but I play U2 a lot. They make music for all kinds of moods. I hear songs like "Kite," "Out Of Control" and "Original Of The Species" and think of you.

It would have been fun to have you there, in my wife's belly, rocking out like the rest of us. I hope they're still touring when you're old enough to hit a show with me.

Also, sorry in advance to my wife for the "atom smasher" image.


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