Saturday, July 16, 2011

Preparing with projects

This weekend I'm taking a break from baby stuff to focus on a project I desperately want to finish before the baby is born.

You see, we have this basement and it's like this slowly developing nuclear explosion since we moved in two years ago. Which is convenient, of course, because it could double as a fallout shelter in an actual nuclear explosion.

But here's the deal. When we moved in, a bunch of stuff went straight to the basement because we had no idea where everything was going. Then as we started painting, we moved things out of those rooms being painted and into other rooms. It was a slow migration to the final room we painted, and all that crap finally went to the basement. Thus the explosion dealie.

Other thing on my plate has been that we needed to seal the basement walls with Drylok, a task I've been putting off for a while. And that sort of has to get done before I can set the shelves up and start putting things in the basement away instead of just sitting on the floors.

So I finally got started. First day was hellish, because I started with the area with a lot of places where you have to work around stuff. Imagine painting a wall with a hot-water heater right there, giving you about 6 inches to work. Then add a heater, washer-dryer, sink, and a whole lot of pipes and you get the picture.

But I left myself with the easier job now that this part is done. Mostly open walls with a few outlets here and there. Bad news is I am one sore burrito right now. The brushes were heavier than they are from painting because Drylok is really thick stuff, much thicker than latex paint. You feel like you're shoveling it on the wall and then troweling it on with the roller brush. Also, I can attest that it sticks to your skin much worse than regular latex paint.

But I'm glad to be starting this. I was itching to start it last weekend before my back went out, and I really want to get this project done because I know I'm far less likely to finish it once the baby is born.

I have a couple other things on that list, mostly landscaping stuff outside. I might or might not get to those, but they're smaller things I can do in a half day if only I can find that half day.


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