Thursday, July 21, 2011

Professor of the year

So I've settled on a plan for the week the baby is born. The students in my Media & Society class this fall are going to love it.

Basically, they're getting a week off.

I've juggled the semester schedule in the syllabus to have a floating week off sometime in the month of September. It'll be put on the week of the 15th, but really it will just move back or forward depending on when my wife goes into labor. Two class periods off for free.

The bad news is I'll have another assignment of some sort during that week. But it can be done during their spare time.

My class has 65 students. I've been doing this long enough to know two of them will complain because of what they're paying in tuition and the others will be thrilled.

But it's actually coming out of exam time. In the past I've done two exams and a final, but I'm moving to a midterm-final setup this time. So the days saved are partially made up by the missing exam.

I've spent some of this week reworking my lectures so they're are ready. I'm determined to not let the life change affect the quality of my teaching. Of course I'm learning to redefine quality and such for this new age, but I do want to make sure I'm giving proper attention to making the classroom experience quality.

I'll also be making use of tech. The new Google Plus feature that lets you do Hangouts will be good for this, as I'll be working from home more often. But I plan on holding office hours on Hangout a couple days a week so students can ask questions and such. This will give me a chance to try out some new technology and hopefully streamline what I am trying to do with students.


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