Friday, July 22, 2011

Silver linings

Today was a really terrible day if you're a person who consumes a bit of news.

It started with the news in Oslo, where a bombing killed several people, and that was followed up by the even worse news that 80 people at youth camp had been gunned down in a mass shooting that was connected to the first event. I watched the clips and absorbed the news as it came in. It feels like a world gone mad.

The second blow came at the end of the day today with news that the House GOP leader had pulled out of talks with President Obama on the debt ceiling. We are headed for a fiscal calamity because one party can't seem to bend at all. Something probably will get done, but I sat in front of the TV getting angrier and angrier at people who vote these uncompromising jerks into office. I think of how much life is going to change in a month for us here and how I have another life to care for, but the whole system is on the brink so millionaires can depreciate their private jets over a couple extra years.

But despite it all, you sometimes have to see hope where you can find it. I saw it today in the story that the military's Don't Ask Don't Tell policy, which has discriminated against gays who want to serve our country, has been certified for repeal. By the 20th of September, it will be history.

The reason I mention that here is that as I was absorbing this news, I realized that it's likely our baby will be born by that September date. They will be born into this country never living under the shameful history of DADT. There are other injustices in the world, no doubt, and I hope our child grows up with clear eyes and an empathetic heart, but for just one day when the news was terrible it's nice to have a moment like this.

The world can be a tough and terrible place. As I watched things roll on today you start to doubt yourself, doubt the decision you made when you somehow thought bringing a kid into the world wouldn't constitute an act of cruelty. In my worst of moments, it feels like I should be apologizing right away, for the world they're inheriting the staggering ignorance of their fellow humans who keep enabling it.

But those are moments, I hope. And the way to refresh is to see the good as well. Sometimes we fight for so long and so hard trying to make it better that it's hard to stop and appreciate something genuinely great. So that's what I'm doing today.


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