Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Strapped in

We did our car seat check today. Cedar Crest Hospital has a nice service where you can go and get trained on how to install and work the car seat correctly (you also can do this at your local fire station). The folks there were great, walking us through how to install the base properly and then how to make sure everything's at the correct angle before putting the seat in the base.

One thing we learned is that Amy won't be driving much with the kid in the back during the early going. There isn't much room to move the seat back with how the seat goes in the back.

Car seats can be confusing, as I learned in my research. They have the infant style that most babies have up until they get to about 30 pounds. These are more like the cradle ones you see. After that they move to a type that is for toddles, the ones that look more like a throne that sits on the seat in the back. The infant ones are rear-facing (meaning the kid is looking out the back of the car), but even early on the toddler ones are turned around.

I probably put more research effort into the car seat than most anything. We went with the Chicco KeyFit 30 because it had great safety reviews from Consumer Reports and also because it was super easy to use. Chicco products remind me a bit of Apple in the sense that they're engineered for both quality and ease of use. I tried some of the other car seats in the stores and they were a little more difficult to work.

I knew they were important before, but then we watched videos such as this in our baby classes:

Pretty scary stuff. Even the dummy in the car seat gets moved around a lot, so it's no guarantee. My mom tells me stories about the old days when nobody thought about this stuff, how she'd drive us around with us sitting in the front seat. It's no knock on her; it's what people did back then.

Now we have laws that require it. I know some don't like it and we probably could get away without requirements so long as the seat industry itself was well regulated. People are much more educated now than they used to be, hopefully.


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