Friday, July 29, 2011

Three weeks of work later ....

So this is the project I've been working on for a few weeks now:

We will have been here at our house for two full years on Wednesday. Upon moving in we moved a bunch of stuff to the basement, and as the time went on we put more and more things down there. Needless to say (and it's probably evident in the first four "before" photos), finding things down there and using them was unmanageable. I spent time digging through piles of half-unpacked boxes and tripping over things in the process. Basically I dreaded going down there to get to something.

This was a big project and I did it myself because I didn't want Amy to strain herself in the final stretch of the pregnancy. And there were a few moving parts that made this hard to balance.

First I had to Drylok the walls to seal them. Some of the basement had been done years ago, and for some reason they chose lime green. The previous owners did some more it looks like about 10 years ago, so some of the walls were white in those spots. And then there were parts that had never been done. I went all the way around the basement.

Second step was start organizing. I finished half the basement and then set up some shelves to start clearing the way I bought a bunch of medium-sized metal shelves at Home Depot and started stacking paint supplies, holiday stuff, camping gear, and so forth.

The moving part in all this is we were doing radon mitigation in our basement this week. The level was twice what was considered to be safe by federal standards and we've known about this since we bought the house. For a lot of reasons (including the fact that it required drilling a hole in the brick of our house) we wanted to get this done before the baby arrived.

Once we had the radon done, I finished the rest of the Drylok work and then set up the rest of the shelves. From there, it was a lot of time sorting through things and putting them on shelves.

When it's all said and done, we shelves all around the basement and a lot of open space on the floor. I set up a table in the middle so Amy can work on sewing and crafts. At some point we're probably going to finish that side of the basement and make an office or family room, but for now it's workable

We also have a bunch of stuff to sell on Craigslist or give away. So I have to get on that.

But I'm very relieved this is done. I didn't want the basement to be a disaster after the baby was born because I knew the inertia would keep me from getting it done. It's nice to have access to things down there again and not have it be a pain.

Now I just have to finish staining the door and we're set.


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