Wednesday, July 20, 2011

TV or not TV?

My wife and I have talked about this one a bit and I've found I don't have a solid opinion on it. When do we introduce television to the kid?

My initial response is "as late as possible" because I know that witholding it isn't practical. I don't want our child to grow up fearing particular forms of media, but rather to learn how to consume with an active and discerning mind. That will take time and maybe it will take a little bit of guidance.

I know the research on this is mixed. I've always thought of television as a social form of entertainment (to my wife's chagrin, as she has to listen to my Mystery Science Theather 3000 style of running commentary while we watch). I also know that TV is what keeps a lot of parents sane because they can throw in a DVD and have a quiet kid for a while.

And at the same time, television as an idea is changing. You can ban a TV, but what about watching video on iPad or on the computer? What makes them different?

So how young is too young, in your mind? My completely off-the-cuff answer: feels like age 3 even if it's totally unrealistic to think we'll last that long.


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1 comment:

  1. Sesame Street for was more us for than them at 2. Elmo got on my nerves. Barney was a definite NO. They did get some tv in childcare, but mostly DVDs. Because of long road trips, DVD movies were staple tv watching. It comforted them. Around 5, they consumed Disney Channel cartoon programs. When they started reciting commercials verbatim-we curbed their tv time. Scooby Doo is ok, but we try to introduce classic Warner Brothers. It's great when they can call out quotes like, "What a Maroon. What an Eskimo Pie head."

    I watched too much tv as a kid, yet I still remain curious. I sense they'll be ok.
    They now relax with Sponge Bob.