Thursday, August 4, 2011

Baby update

I realize I've written a bunch of things about the baby and progress but haven't given much of an update. So here goes:
  • Baby is head down (this is good)
  • We find out tomorrow if baby is facing the right way
  • Right now it's the size of a crenshaw melon, whatever that is (pic for comparison vs. a quarter)
  • At this point, organs are pretty much formed. The baby is adding about an ounce a day until it is born.
  • The countdown for us starts next Wednesday. At that point it's full term, which means it won't be a preemie and shouldn't have to spend much of any time in the NICU if it comes before the late August due date.
  • The baby is active in a healthy way. Likes to kick and prod my wife's tummy and we watch the little bumps form and then recede.
  • Everything height and weight-wise are on target as far as we can tell.
All in all, I was expecting more ups-and-downs this pregnancy. My wife has been more tired of late but she has marveled at how drama free the experience has been. Maybe we expect tougher because everyone has one of those stories, but so far nothing has been out of the ordinary.

We're thankful for that. I know every pregnancy is different and so there's no one experience out there, but knowing that my wife hasn't struggled through this has been a blessing and I'm thankful. We're excited to meet our little one, but we hope it stays inside just a bit longer so that we're sure it's coming at a time that's best for its own health.

Plus I really need to weed the planter before the birth. Our yard is looking terrible and I know it's not going to get easier when the baby comes.

That reminds me, if you know someone in the Valley who wants to make some extra cash raking leaves, send them my way.


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1 comment:

  1. I'm placing bets on Aug 25th. Boy. 7.5 pounds. Ridiculously long.
    Stuffed shells will be brought to your home on the 3rd week. Maybe I'll get a chance to see the baby's eyes open.