Thursday, August 25, 2011

Back to school

Tomorrow I head back to campus, albeit briefly. I am slated to talk in a symposium for new students at 4 p.m. so I am going to spend part of the afternoon to do the lecture and also do a couple advising appointments.

Fortunately the topic is one at the heart of my teaching and research: digital media and social change. I'm planning on talking about the Arab Spring revolutions and a couple other projects where people are harnessing technology to change the world. Talking about something I know means less need to prepare.

I have gone out and run errands and such for a few hours on end since our son was born, but never without having help around. Tomorrow I'll be out for more than just the time it takes to go to the store, and I'm a bit nervous about leaving my wife alone. I'm sure she'll do fine, but as with other times I've expressed nerves on this blog bear in mind it's just a case of being a new parent.

And of course this was going to happen sometime. One step at a time. Fortunately he was in good spirits today and slept well in the bassinet. With a little luck, I might actually get a little sleep overnight!


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