Friday, August 5, 2011

A big weekend

It's a big weekend for us. No, not because of Musikfest, which is what everyone else here is attending (the festival started today). It's just that this is the weekend we just have to make headway on the large list of things we want to do before the due date.

It started as 3/4 page and then just kept growing. We've been crossing things off, then adding more. It's like a game of whack-a-mole, where one task goes down and another pops up.

Because here's the thing: after this weekend, we have only three weekends before the due date, and one of them will be taken by my conference trip. So we're all hustle and bustle around here to get things set up and ready to go.

The one thing I've realized is that parenting makes you good at assembling stuff. I've assembled furniture and such over the years, but this is a whole other level. Strollers, bouncers, activity mats, rocking chairs, cribs, changing tables, and so forth. It's all so compressed that you start to feel like Bob Villa until you realized you aren't actually making any of this stuff, you're just putting it together.

But I've gotten so I don't even keep the screwdriver in the toolbox anymore these days. Every day the UPS guy seems to come with something for me to put together. So that's the first thing I'd tell a dad-to-be at this point: have a small set of assembly tools around the house.

The second: invest a small fortune in Duracell. You're going to need it to pay yourself back for all the batteries you'll buy. Holy cow.

The thing is that we haven't gone too nuts with the buying. I feel like we've gone pretty minimalist and there still is a lot to put together. I feel sorry for the parents who go on buying sprees, both in their pocketbook and for all that work.

But as for this weekend it's time to tackle some things. I have a list of about 10 things to accomplish and hope to knock them off by Sunday night. Look for me at Target, I'll be the guy throwing random crap like alcohol pads into the cart.


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