Sunday, August 7, 2011

An early surprise

Well we got an early surprise on this fine day. I am writing this by my wife's bedside at the hospital, and this day isn't even close to being done.

My wife came in this morning and woke me up, saying she had felt like she was leaking fluid. Called the doc and they said to come in. We got here at 9:30, about 90 minutes after I woke, and by 10 they told us we were having this baby today. Ish.

Its a couple days before full term and 4-plus weeks before the due date, but the vitals look fine. I'm not worried and trust the docs. It's 6 p.m. here now and it's 50-50 this kid is born before midnight. But given all the factors involved, which I can't get into now, this is going faster than it could. A lot faster.

So there's a shot I might be a father by midnight. Until then, radio silence.


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