Thursday, August 11, 2011

First everything

One of the things that blows me away about watching Austin is trying to see the world through his eyes. Everything is new. Everything. Stuff I take for granted like breathing and eating (a.k.a. things I do while multitasking something else) takes thought and concentration.

When you consider all the stimuli he's getting from things he's never experienced before, it's understandable if he cries for no reason at all. It's overwhelming to me just thinking about it.

While I was driving him home from the hospital I was thinking about how his world was expanding already. He was making a short trip from Lehigh Valley Hospital to our home, maybe 15 miles or so, but already those 15 miles are a big world for him. There's a bigger world, maybe even a scarier one, beyond that. But one thing at a time.

Baby brains are little sponges. They have to be to absorb and process all the new things that are stimulating their senses every minute. How they take it in and don't freak out is beyond me, but they really do learn quickly. Austin has already learned that turning his head when he's being held by mom infinitely increases his odds of getting a meal. Connecting all that - this fact he has a head, that he can move it, that there's an external food source for him, that it's only there on mom and nobody else - is pretty amazing.


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  1. If you want to read exactly what is happening while he's looking about, check out "Whats going on in there: How the brain develops the first five years of life." It was crazy and really fun to read while Hazel was just an itty-bitty :)

  2. Did you see this app that I tweeted to you the other day? I thought it seemed like something you'd like, and this post confirms it:

  3. Oh I must have missed that, Susan. Thank you!

    Allison, love that recommendation. I've been looking for a good book for the late nights, that might be the one I get.