Monday, August 22, 2011

First walk

We got outside the house today for the first time, just the three of us. It wasn't much, but we took our baby for a walk around the block. It was fun to be outdoors as a family without somewhere to be, like going to a doctor appointment or going to the lab for some blood draws. It was a nice night in Bethlehem, with temperatures in the 70s and very little humidity.

Our baby tolerated it pretty well, but he had started off a bit fussy because of a diaper change. Did I mention he hates diaper changes? H-A-T-E-S.

I realized quickly that our lightweight stroller solution isn't going to work for neighborhood walking. We got one that lets us mount the carseat so we have something to take with us around the mall and such, figuring that he'd be arriving so late that we wouldn't get much walk time with the fall temperatures coming on.

Well our sidewalks are bumpy and I quickly realized we needed on with shocks. We had been planning to wait on getting the nicer stroller until we felt like we'd be walking a lot, but since we probably will have a lot of walk time now I went out and bought the stroller I'd had my eye on. This is a bulkier stroller so we don't plan to take it with us anywhere, but it will be nice to have a quality stroller for neighborhood walks.

It was a sensible idea to try and save the money until we needed to spend it next spring, but as with most things baby related we're throwing out the plan when it's not working. The only other solutions were to carry him around on our walks or stay inside.


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  1. I don't know man, that's a bit extreme for a stroller…