Saturday, August 20, 2011

Integrating work

I've been trying to devote a couple hours a day to work even as we're in the middle of the early phase, which is much more intensive because feedings and changings are so frequent.

By the end of the first week I was trying to do an hour a day. This week it's been two hours, and starting on Sunday I want to take it to four hours. With the semester just a week away, I need to get ramped up on the work schedule and start work on integrating my work life with this new phase we're in, and so I want to make good headway on that before things get going for real next week.

The biggest challenge is time, or more specifically how to schedule things. We are having to schedule our own lives so much right now, including our own eating and sleeping (to say nothing of our baby's). So I am going to have to be purposeful about how to be productive in my work around the schedule our baby is giving us.

Fortunately Lehigh is a very supportive place for parents. My department has accommodated me in terms of schedule even before I broached the conversation, and I have amazing faculty colleagues who want to make sure I'm set up to succeed. I am learning as I go and there really is no way to prepare for it beforehand, so working in a supportive environment is a huge plus for me right now.

I did strategically alter my syllabus for the semester to reapportion my grading time. They will be doing more project-oriented things in my class and I cut out the three-exam schedule in favor of a midterm/final format. So there are subtle things I've done in my classes to help take some pressure off of me as I adjust.

I can feel myself become more efficient, which in the end is part necessity with a baby but also will be a good change for me personally and professionally.


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