Saturday, August 13, 2011

Late nights

We have settled into a pattern of sorts six days later. Amy is up to bat every 2-3 hours so the boy can feed, so it means she isn't getting much interrupted sleep. I feel for her so much. She is tired a lot and there isn't a lot to be done about it other than to rest a lot between feedings, which is hard. She has to literally schedule time for her to eat. And pump.

Moms get the tough end of these early stages, no doubt. Any dad who doesn't respect that is an idiot.

Complicating thins is the biliblanket treatment, which plugs in and has a few parts so Austin is hard to move. So we are keeping him in the living room, meaning mom has to come down to feed him every time, and that someone needs to stay up with him. he doesn't like being flat in the blanket so we are holding him through the night to be a comfort.

I've taken the graveyard shift, staying with him overnight. I play music for him to introduce him to classics (last night was Stevie Wonder night) and talk to him. I tweet out pics too, so if you are up then say hello. It is fun to get special father-son time. During the day, I try to run interference by keeping the household humming so mom can get max sleep between feedings. It's a tradeoff; I probably am getting less sleep than mom but I get more consecutive hours. And I wonder how it will be when school starts.

I am tired a lot and going straight to REM sleep since it has been sparse, but I'm coping. And again, mom has the tougher job.


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