Saturday, August 27, 2011

Messy house

Clutter is one of those things I don't like in my living spaces. I can put up with it in an office and such, but I've always been a person that needs the home to feel like things are in place. I don't do well with chaos. When the house is messy I find myself thinking of strategies to clean it instead of focusing on other things that are more important. I have a hard time working from home, for example, when the house is messy. It's a fault.

I've learned to let some of this go since the baby was born, but I can't go all the way. It might just be a character flaw with me or just how I'm wired, but I feel more at peace when the house is in order. And it's been pretty out of order of late. My wife and I are spending all our time feeding, changing, doing baby care, and generally trying to get a few hours of sleep somewhere in there. Plus he's at the stage right now where there isn't much room to lay him down and do some chores around the house. He still wants to be held a lot.

We're learning we have to be more efficient. If he is laying down and one of us is up, tackle that stack of bills or get some dishes or laundry done. This is the temporary end of leisure time, I think. I don't feel like I have the luxury of stopping and taking a breath. Throw in work pressures for me and it gets harder. My wife at least has the option of leaving work at the office, but I don't.

Some things I'm going to have to let go. But today I find myself worried about how I'm going to do the work-life balance thing. My to-do list for work hasn't really shrunk, as well it shouldn't. I'm adding more things to be doing and have less time.

I'll figure it out. It takes time. And getting through the early stages will help. Kid just needs to learn to be happy lying down, or we're going to have to learn to just let him cry it out. Something has to give.


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