Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I think I need to stop reading about baby milestones. I swear I saw a smile this early morning but it could have been him just digesting. Usually I can tell if it's the latter because we get a little body wiggle, but this time it was just a grin-looking thing as I was looking at him and smiling. He didn't do it later, so probably was just a fluke.

But that made me curious about development milestones. I know his eyesight is good for about 18 inches right now and he can't even see in color yet. But I am wondering whether he'll be technically "behind" on his development progress because he was early. I don't consider him behind because he's not even at the due date yet, but I found myself wondering whether early babies stay on that same schedule. They can't right?

On the other hand, he's doing some things really well. He lifts his head a lot and does body turns side to side. He's sustaining some for 15 seconds or so, which I've read is unusual. So maybe late on some things, early on others. I know he's a fighter, has a lot of his grandpa White in him with super strong legs and arms.

The milestones and development timeline don't bother me too much because I know every baby is different, but it is fun to chart when these things happen. We have a baby book with his little footprints in it and will be recording all of his firsts as we see them. But it's amazing how much he has changed in only three-plus weeks.


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  1. three weeks already? WOW! He's super strong. And he'll be tweeting before you know it.
    (We stopped adjusting their age at about 1 year)