Monday, August 15, 2011

One week

Austin turned a week old over night. He's been with us here at home for five days now and it's been fun to see the changes every day. The most surprising part has been that we are noticing each day more interaction. He tracks us better with his eyes now and cranes his head to follow voices in the room. He's making more sounds and doing more of the baby babble as well.

The biggest change is he's feeding more. In the past day he's basically been begging to feed whenever my wife is in the room. He makes a suckling motion by opening and closing his mouth, and we've learned this is his begging-for-dinner face.

It's gotten to the point where he will take food from anyone. I was holding him on my chest this evening and he tried to latch on to my chest through my shirt. How terribly disappointed he must have been to discover I don't have the milk supply.

Anyhow, happy one week. Just in time to celebrate, I'm posting a picture my wife got this morning. Definitely the best one we've taken so far. He's sporting the famous (infamous?) Littau dimple. So much of his face looks like his mom, but that dimple is all daddy.

I also am noticing more things that he got from us. For example, on my right foot the toe next to my big toe has always been slightly longer than the big toe, and it's not that way on the left foot. Austin has the same thing going on with his feet. I find myself amazed even now that I can identify these physical features he has in common with my wife and I.


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