Friday, August 12, 2011

Our little glowworm

Austin is doing really well in his first week home. He's eating like a champ and the pediatrician said he's looking good for the most part. Really strong for a full-term baby let alone one who came a bit early.

The only hiccup so far has been that he has a case of the baby jaundice. Apparently newborns don't always get a smooth start in liver function after they are born and Austin's test before he left the hospital was trending high. After a day he was tested again he was higher; I could see more yellow in his skin but it never got too terrible. Apparently this is a pretty common thing in kids, but we've been lucky because I know some folks who have had kids where it required extra time in the hospital. I can't imagine how hard that must be.

Anyhow, they have us wrapping him in a light blanket (not light as in heavy, but as in one that uses lights. It's a form of phototherapy but instead of having the poor baby under lights the whole time we wrap him in a blanket that applies light directly to his abdomen.

It's really not what I was expecting when I thought about having a child. I've been calling Austin "Mr. Freeze" after the character in Batman & Robin (played by Arnold Schwarzenegger). The blue glowing thing (compare here) is sort of similar, minus the hacky phrases and German accent. Man that was one terrible movie.

Anyhow he'll be in the special blanket all day tomorrow and maybe some of Sunday. The thing that's making it hard is that it has a bulky cord that plugs into a wall, and he has to stay plugged in all the time. So maneuvering around the house is hard. I want to take him out for a walk so badly but he has to stay plugged in for the mean time.

The cord comes out from under his sleep sack and it looks sort of funny, like we have him plugged into a wall. So other than comic book movie jokes, I've been talking about our Matrix baby. Yeah, you can't take the nerd out of this dad.


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