Thursday, August 18, 2011

Scheduling everything

We've had my mother-in-law in town to help out the past 10 days. It was a turn of good luck, in many ways. She had originally been scheduled to come and spend time with us pre-baby so that she could be with my wife before the birth. But when the baby came early, she became a helpful hand as we worked to get things up to speed.

Now the fatigue is starting to set in around here. My wife is sleeping in three-hour intervals due to feeding. I'm manning the night shift, handling all the errands, and trying to keep the house in working order so my wife can sleep. All while trying to mix in work, because the semester starts up in about 10 days and I have no choice but to find a work-life balance here.

People say you're always tired when you have a baby. It's true, but I've been more surprised about how we've had to really schedule things more finely. My wife isn't a big schedule-maker but we are going to try and schedule her days better. She has to feed him 8 times a day, find time to sleep, find time to eat, and figure out ways to ramp up the pumping so we can get more milk. But in the moments of fatigue, it's easy for us to just sit on the couch and be comatose, letting some of those important things get away from us. For me it's forgetting to eat. My wife forgets things too. And she's also not complaining at all.

The truth is we're on the baby's schedule at the moment. We have to plan around his life and needs and so that means we have to reorient the way we plan and go about our lives. As it should be. I'm learning to be more efficient with my time because I need to be; in many ways I'm thankful I'm not having to learn this lesson mid-semester when I have to manage a teaching schedule with all of this.

He has so many needs right now and depends on us so much. That's my motivation to fight through whatever fatigue I have at the moment.


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  1. Sorry to say, that's how it is for a good month or so. You start to come out from it after the third or fourth week. I felt nearly human again by 6 weeks and by 4 months we are pretty much back to normal (well, the new normal)! Good luck, its a crazy time :)