Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tummy time

Because of his digestion issues, we've been avoiding the "tummy time" thing the past few days. This is pretty much what it sounds like, putting the baby on his stomach and letting him flail a bit. It helps build neck strength and motor skills, so doing it early is good for their development.

Fortunately putting him semi-upright at an incline on my chest also counts, so we've been hanging out the last couple days. Austin likes to move his arms and legs a lot (sometimes in sync) when he's doing this stuff, so it has the effect of him almost scaling me like a wall.

He likes being on my chest. I don't know if it's my heartbeat or what, but he seems more calm when he's being held that way. Sometimes when he's super agitated I'll curl him up and just hold him to my chest. When that doesn't calm him down, I know something really bad must be upsetting him and I know to start looking at other causes.

But we're seeing more personality every day, that is when he's not sleeping or squirming because of digestion issues. Which, actually, happens quite a lot. But we had a lot of eyes-open time today and I have come to love that chance to talk with him and watch him turn his head in the direction of mom's voice.

Tummy time helps wake him up, sometimes overly so to the point he gets cranky. But he's such a strong kid that I want to channel that energy to getting his coordination and such down. He sits on my chest and already is lifting his head for a few seconds at a time (he then looks at me like I'm ridiculous and puts it back down).

We're taking bets on the eye color. My wife's are a hazel-gray type color and mine are blue. Recessive genes FTW!


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