Tuesday, August 16, 2011

With a little help from our friends

Austin already has had a couple visitors in his first week. We have been touched by the generosity people have shown as we've been working on this new phase of life. Our house is a lot more of a disaster zone than I like it to be, although I've made progress on that front the past couple days; we were ready for the baby, but didn't have all the baby care stuff sorted where we wanted it.

So any visitor, whether there to say hello and provide some friendly face in the midst of what feels like a breakneck pace or to provide other kinds of help, are welcome.

My dear friend Silagh came to visit us the day Austin was born. We sat there and laughed about all the craziness of the past 36 hours, watched the baby sleep in the bassinet, and generally basked in the glow of our little boy's birth. And she got to hold him!

A couple days later Silagh, her husband, and her two kids came by the house. We're being super cautious right now about who holds him due to concerns about him getting sick a little more easily as a preemie, but the kids got to stroke the hat on his head and talk with him. The kids were super excited about Austin's arrival throughout the pregnancy and drew him pictures on the day he was born. We also got some computer artwork from them.

We've also had some help. Steph DeLuca, one of my students, and her mom have provided two wonderful meals to help us get through the day. Coming up with meals while trying to balance all these household chores, feedings every 2.5 hours, all the laundry, and so forth was pretty challenging in the early going. Last Friday they brought dinner to our house, and then the following Monday we got another.

I have to admit I was a little teary eyed at their generosity. You don't expect things like this from people because we all have busy lives, but that they were thinking of us like that is so amazing to think about. Steph is one of our 2011 graduates and I had her in a couple of my classes; she's one of those tremendous students a professor always remembers and now Austin will get to remember her too. Equally amazing to me was that her mom, whom I had never met before this past week but was so generous to help out. We had a smile on our face as we dined. Meals provided by great friends always taste better.

Those little ways of helping, whether it be meals or just sitting with you and talking, are so important to us in times like this. We are grateful and blessed.


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  1. And now we'll have Steph around Lehigh still!

    I was wondering when you crazy kids would be okay with visitors, thanks for hanging out the welcome sign.

  2. I know, so glad Steph is joining us here.

    We definitely are OK with visitors. Send me an email if you'd like to swing by.