Tuesday, September 6, 2011

10 things

The first month is so cool with newborns because you see them developing every day. They change so much day to day and start doing new things all the time.

Our son turned four weeks old yesterday. I thought I'd list 10 things that bring me joy when I'm holding him, watching him, playing with him, and so forth:

1. I know it's traumatic for him, but he gets so worked up when he feeds and it's sort of adorable. He's breathing in and out heavily as he's sucking the bottle, as if he's sensing this might be his last meal. He gets these cute worry wrinkles on his head too. The whole package.

2. I love putting him on my chest and playing with him. Sometimes he's on his tummy and I talk to him to get him to lift his head. Other times he's on his back and just sleeping, or he lays on his side all curled up and resting. They're such fun moments. Sometimes I hold him without my shirt on because he likes that skin-to-skin contact.

3. His feet. Oh my they are big. Huge feet and long toes. Every indication is he got daddy's height.

4. He sucks on his pacifier like Maggie from The Simpsons. It's totally cute.

5. We're up together at night, or at least when he isn't sleeping. It's a good time to show him MLB Network (even though he can only see like 18 inches), talk to him about baseball, play music for him, and even read to him. Night time is sort of our father-son bonding time.

6. He has this awesome courtesy laugh sound he makes, sort of a "heh heh" that he does and often times right after one of us says something funny. He has comedic timing, we think. OK, so it's not real, but it's funny.

7. I like reaching out my fingers to his hand and watching him wrap his digits around my index fingers. He has a tight grasp and it's his way of connecting. Very cool.

8. I love that he's mellow. Like, anyone can hold him. We've had folks over and he's just happy as a clam in their arms. He's made lots of new friends too.

9. Watching my wife with him is so much fun. He brings out those mother instincts in her that I've never seen before. She's so good with him and he loves being with her. My wife gave me the gift of a child, but he's given the gift of seeing my wife in a new light. I'm very grateful.

10. I love comforting him. I hate seeing him cry, but to be able to be there and soothe him is a such an important job. I want him to feel safe and loved even if I can't do anything about whatever is bothering him.


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