Friday, September 9, 2011

Cracking the code

We went in today for our 1-month appointment. Can you believe we've been doing this for a month? It feels so fast and yet there are times it feels like time has stood still, either due to lack of sleep or because I feel so out of phase with the world around me at the moment.

Anyhow he got a booster shot for one of his vaccines and we talked about feeding. Turns out he hasn't been getting enough food for a couple weeks now. Yes, we are the worst parents ever.

We had been following the guide handout that we were given when we checked out of the hospital, but apparently we were supposed to start upping his feeding doses a couple weeks ago. Nobody told us and of course since we're new parents we don't know what to ask. But then again we should have thought to ask because of course he's going to eat more as we get older.

Worst. Parents. Ever.

Well now that we have that solved, some other things are getting better. Even a few hours into this, he's way less fussy at diaper changes and he's actually sleeping better by himself. It's too early to tell, but I feel like we cracked one of those key-to-everything codes because a lot of little things that were going on have gone away at least in the short term. So we're taking advantage of it and getting him trained on the bassinet/crib being an OK place to be. Hopefully it will stick.

This is going to sound really stupid in hindsight, but a lot of what we were interpreting as not liking to lay down or not liking being swaddled was probably just a "I'm hungry, damn it!" cry.

In our defense, there were some things going on that made the idea of feeding him more seem not so good. He's been spitting up a lot of what he eats and so we didn't think he was tolerating bigger amounts, and it was getting worse when he was laying down, which obviously isn't good because he needs to do that. But we're thinking now that was a bit of reflux and so we are taking care of that too.

But yeah, worst parents ever. Gah.

It feels terrible because we should have known better. In the early-week haze it's gotten too easy to focus on individual problems as they crop up and we hadn't been looking for a root cause, probably because I'm generally skeptical of silver-bullet solutions to a set of problems.

So, lesson learned. Ask more questions. Pretty sure this won't be our last screwup.

(By the way, in case you don't read my sense of humor right we aren't the worst parents ever. It's how we're learning to laugh at our mistakes. Because right now that beats getting down on ourselves)


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