Monday, September 12, 2011

Distractions (the good kind)

Babies are such distractions. Especially ours.

It's hard to work upstairs when I know our son is downstairs. He makes cute sounds and he's so much fun to hold and interact with that I feel drawn to come down and hang out a bit every so often even while I should be doing other things. This leads to a more stretched-out work day and later nights.

This says nothing of sleep time either. When I should be sleeping I find myself awake, wondering what he's up to and whether I'm missing anything.

I saw his first smile on Saturday morning, for example. It was a real, legit smile, not some stomach churning or something. I was talking to him and grinning and he smiled back. It was interesting; it was like he was thinking hard about how to position the corners of his mouth and it was by no means natural, but the look in his eyes matched the grin. He was having to force it, but he was returning the look on my face.

I got to be there for that, so with every new thing the thought of missing some first here or there is hard. So my work is more strung out than normal and I probably am not taking full advantage of sleep time.

But it's worth it. These moments go by so fast and I want to experience them all.


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