Thursday, September 1, 2011

A due date come and gone

Our baby was due to be born today. September 1 was the date we were given way back in January when they let us know that my wife is pregnant, and most of our prep and planning was centered around the baby being born this date if not a bit later.

So it's a little strange to be staring at our 3.5-week-old baby while I think about that. The little man missed that deadline in a spectacular way.

Because he was born a bit early there was some concern about development, but he's overcome all of that. He's a strong guy, he eats well, and he's very interactive. You couldn't tell that he's early other than that he's a little undersized, but even that is relative. He's small for a Littau baby because we're all born big, but he's a normal sized baby in terms of the population.

So given that he's healthy and all, I don't feel bad admitting that it probably worked out well that he came early. With everything we have had going on the past few weeks, I've been trying to imagine what this would have been like if he had come as the semester was only rolling. In a weird way he gave me a gift by giving me some lead time before the term started. I'm still exhausted and don't feel on my game right now in the classroom, but at least I had time to prepare.

But his early arrival set a tone for how we've adjusted to everything that's new in this experience. He does things on his own schedule, in his own way, and for his own reasons. We can coax and cajole, but he definitely has a mind of his own. Keeping that in mind has kept me sane in the early going.


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