Monday, September 5, 2011


The overnights are starting to get to me, I think. One of us is up with him at all times while he's transitioning into being able to get on a sleep schedule, but as I've written before it's difficult. He sleeps better by himself during the day, meaning that someone needs up with him all night. I'm committed to making sure my wife is resting up as she tries to physically recover, so that puts the overnight shift on me.

But it's starting to drag. I'm sleeping about 7 hours a day but never more than about 4 hours in a row. So the quantity of sleep is fine, but I never feel like I'm getting enough.

Part of the problem here is that I don't think we're asking the right questions of the doctors. We're told he sleeps better after about six weeks, but I've never gotten a straight answer as to whether that's because he develops or if it's because you do things to train him. Doctors tell us an approximate sleep schedule but I'm unclear as to whether we should be pushing him to a certain goal (i.e. from 2-hour intervals to 4). I know that's the goal, but do we promote that or will he just do it on his own?

So I'm realizing what I don't know. Internet reading and advice is good, but getting some doctor instruction would help us decide. And we need to decide something. Even if we're not implementing it now, I need to feel like we're working toward something. We have an appointment this week and I'm working up a good sized list of questions. I'm a goal person and I need to know what we're trying to accomplish with feeding and sleeping schedules.


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