Saturday, September 3, 2011

Too much change

Right now we're trying to train our son on several fronts.

We're feeding more during the day and backing off at night in an effort to get his day/night orientation correct (right now he's wide awake more often at night, which of course is not good for those of us harboring dreams of sleeping someday).

We're trying to figure out how to supplement his feedings because he's getting more of mom's milk these days but we still need to add formula to make sure he has all the necessary nutrition, but we're still doing the trial/error thing on formula because he isn't tolerating much of anything well.

We're redoubling efforts on the sleeping thing, as he is finally open to being swaddled more and so we are giving him more time in the bassinet without a fuss. Problem is he's more willing to do this in the daytime than at night, but progress is progress I suppose.

And of course I'm trying to figure out how this baby life works with the life of the academic, which requires all the mental energy I can muster. For me physical energy and mental energy are tied together.

So we're trying to do four things at once, and I think for a newborn every new thing is a big thing. His life is eating and sleeping while dealing with the occasional discomforts of an upset digestive system or a messy diaper. We're pretty much trying to change up his entire universe here.

Four moving parts, and it feels like when we make progress on one we regress on another. A couple days ago it felt like we were flipping his day/night thing but then it's a step back today. He's wide awake in my arms as I write this after sleeping through most of the day despite our best efforts, but even with the day sleeping thing he was taking to the bassinet so we didn't want to mess up progress on that front.

Needless to say I don't know if we're doing anything right on these areas. Some days it feels OK, but I'm feeling more discouraged about whether we'll get there. It's not even a case of us being diligent or researching for more ideas or help. He's just not taking to it.

I have to remind myself that he's only four weeks old. He's still trying to figure all this out too.


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