About Me

I'm Jeremy Littau, and I am about to be a new dad. We found out early in 2011 that we are going to have our first child and I am super excited.

I teach journalism for a living, and you can see some of my professional work if you're interested in that. I have a passion for news and stories embedded in this community, and part of this new life experience has made me realize I am getting plugged in to a whole new type of community.

I'm active on Twitter both as a part of my work and part of how I get to know people in my various tribes - local community, online media hounds, journalism nerds, and technology dorks. At some point I will be adding parenting to the mix.

Otherwise I am interested in all kinds of things. I'm a sports nerd and San Francisco Giants nut, big U2 fan with some Pearl Jam and Radiohead on the side, and I love my wife. I believe I have the best job on the planet because I get to teach, and I am very lucky to be at Lehigh University.